Hey there. My name is Allison Jones, but my friends sometimes call me AJ.

I am an animator, compositor, hiker, vegan/vegetarian, lover of tattoos and animals (especially corgis and pitbulls), camp goer, foodie, and constant learner currently living in Tennessee. That was a lot, but I only have so much of your undivided attention. I just graduated with a BFA in Film & TV Production from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and am hoping to use all that wonderful knowledge to create beautiful and entertaining things. 

While at NYU I focused my attention on animation, taking classes in motion graphics, character animation, 3D animation and softwares, and life drawing. I tried to learn as many things as I could in my four short years there, and loved getting the chance to really find my strengths and weaknesses in the craft that I really love.

Even though I spend many of my working hours inside in front of a computer, I am definitely a big kid who finds my true happiness outside in the sunshine. I am a self-prescribed "hippy dippy," loving yoga, hiking with my dog, eating plant based diets, and outdoor musical jam sessions with my more musically talented friends. These loves really rooted themselves in me throughout my many many years spent at summer camp, which is one of the places I feel the most content.

I hope you spend some time exploring my website and checking out some of my work. 

Thanks for sticking around. Stay groovy.